Corporate culture building conference

Time: 2018-04-10   Author: Anonym   Times of Browsing: 185

On April 10, the company held the 2018 Conference on Spiritual Civilization and Corporate Culture. Tao Xing, Secretary of the Party Committee, made an annual work summary and arrangement (abstract: 5th edition). Huang Yixin, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a written speech (detailed in 6th edition). Zhu Ruirong, president, read out the 2017 decision on the recognition of advanced civilized collectives and delivered a speech (detailed in 6th edition). Ping read the site management to achieve excellence, outstanding unit recognition decision. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Liuxi, vice secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the trade union.

Tao Meng pointed out that 2017 is the party's nineteenth national congress, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the company continues to deepen “ two schools and one practice ” one year to learn the normalization mechanism of education; is the company carefully organized, lean planning, hard work, tenacious struggle, operating performance of a comprehensive breakthrough the best level in history. It is a year in which the full-member partnership system as the main body of the co-creation and sharing mechanism has been established in an all-round way, with the most energetic workers and the highest morale. The company mainly carries out the following aspects of work: to grasp the focus of work, enhance the infiltration of Ideological and political work; to strengthen the party building work, enhance the leadership of enterprise development; to meet the needs of a better life, enhance the cohesion of enterprise development; to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, enhance the soft power of enterprise development.